We entered into the last turn of our campaign with furycats Empire army knocking on my door again. Having been repulsed for the previous 4 turns I was not hopeful my luck would hold out this time, despite my points advantage that came from being dug in against the enemy. It seems the Empire decided on a new plan of attack with us fighting in a Battle for the Pass. Presumably the Pass in question is between the massive stacks of corpses outside Malko. We rolled up terrain getting a Wyrding Well, couple of regular buildings, River of Death ™ (or maybe water, but mostly Death), a Forest, A Temple of Skulls and an Idol of Gork.

I went for a fairly standard list as I don’t really know what to expect from Empire yet.

Lord Guillaume L’Echec
– Virtue of Heroism
– The Heartwood Lance
– Charmed Shield
– Gauntlet of the Duel

– Chalice of Malfleur
– Level 4 Wizard (Life)
– Warhorse

– Prayer Icon of Quenelles
– Level 2 Wizard (Life)

– Dispel Scroll
– Level 2 Wizard (Beasts)
– Warhorse

– Dragonhelm
– Warhorse

11 Knights of the Realm
– Gleaming Pennant
– Full Command

10 Knights of the Realm
– Full Command
– Banner of Chalons

39 Men at Arms
– Standard Bearer and Musician

3 Pegasus Knights

9 Questing Knights
– Full Command

8 Grail Knights
– Full Command

Field Trebuchet

Field Trebuchet

Nothing too exciting, but then there’s a limited amount of good things in my book.

The Empire Army shaped up along these lines

Wizard Lord
– Level 4 Wizard (Death)
– Pegasus

Luthor Huss

Warrior Priest

50 Halberdiers

14 Handgunners

9 Inner Circle Knights

4 Demigriff Knights

5 Pistoliers

Great Cannon

Steam Tank

Celestial Hurricanum

Steam Tanks make baby Jesus cry, luckily I have brought a Lord specifically designed to kill things like Steam Tanks. We deployed our armies with the Great Cannon going on the hill I bravely hid all my Knight behind buildings.

I gave up the choice to go first or second, furycat being a right thinking person went first

Empire Turn 1

The Empire forces pushed forwards determined to unseat the Bretonnians from Malko, the Death Wizard zips up and makes his presence felt casting a boosted Purple Sun though my Men at Arm and the Knights of the Realm, killing a dozen Men at Arms and 4 Knights of the Realm. The Men at Arms hold thanks to my BSB who then leads his Knightly buddies on a tactical with drawl away from the Purple Sun. The Great Cannon lives up to its name and makes a Knight of the Realm really really dead. The Steam Tank tries to skip a cannon ball outside of its range but just gets it stuck in the dirt instead.

Bretonnian Turn 1

The Pegasus Knight objected to the Pistoliers being in my deployment zone so charged them, trying to avoid getting trampled to death my magical flying ponies they fled, losing 2 to dangerous terrain. The Pegasus Knights caught them and trampled them to death anyway, and avoided hurting themselves on trees or falling out of reality, success. The rest of my Knights pushed forwards in the lee of he buildings to avoid cannon fire and the Men at Arms jumped into the building. My BSB and his cohorts stop retreating and decide to try to take part in the battle.  The Purple Sun got dispelled and Dwellers failed to cast so uneventful magic phase. One Field Trebuchet misfired but the other killed 6 Halberdiers, less treachery from my Trebuchets today, the peasants will get less beatings for this.

Empire Turn 2

The Demigriff Knight bravely backed up away from my Lord and his unit, not wanting to be on the end of a Heroic Killing Blow, The Death  Dick Wizard flies about on his magic pony out of sight. The Steam Tank rumbles forwards at full speed supported by the Inner Circle Knight as both armies jostled for position to get the favourable charges. This time the  Death  Dick Wizard gets his Purple Sun dispelled but Fate of Bunja strips a wound of my Lord making him derpy for the rest of the battle. The Handgunners kill a single Knight, I think they might have been focused on putting their running shoes on. The Cannon gets so excited at a straight shot on my Knight that it misses.

Bretonnian Turn 2

Now I’m going to prefix this turn by saying I have a reputation for dice doing bad things when I’m near them. My Lord with his unit try a reasonable charge at the handgunners who, having put their trainer on, leg it. I redirect toward the Demigriff but it’s a long charge and it fails. In other movement I reposition my army to tackle the Inner Circle Knights and Steam Tank. Dwellers was dispelled again but Regrowth saw me regain 2 of my Knights of the Realm from my BSB unit. My loyal Trebuchet then fired at the Inner Circle Knights scoring a direct hit which killed 4 of them, the broke and fled through dangerous terrain which killed another 3, oops.

Empire Turn 3

I continue to curse furycats dice and his Steam Tank helpfully explodes. In a fit of pique the Demigrff Knights decide to get stuck in and Death  Dick Wizard flies behind my lines. Luther Huss remembers he’s not a pussy and gets back in the fight, well back to the Wyrding Well to drink deeply. The foul magics of the well resurrecting 3 of the Knight in the Warrior Priests unit……..wait a second Luther, are you sure you’re a Warrior Priest?. Another Purple Sun blasts out killing 4 Grail Knights but he Soul Blight on my Lord is dispelled. The Cannon regains its composure and detonates a Pegasus Knight. In combat it turns out one of the Demigriff charges straight onto my Lord’s lance, making a Demigriff Kebab, one Knight of the Realm gets killed and everyone else flails ineffectually. The Demigriffs break and are run down.

At this stage furycat throws in the towel with his army in disarray or exploding around him. It was kind of  a weird game all in all. Look fairly even,  jockeying for position before furycats dice exploded and it all went down hill very rapidly for him. But a wins a win and Malko successfully defended.