Having worked out roughly what the rules are, forkbanger and myself set about having an actual game. I seem to have some sort of unnatural lure to trick factions in games. So with my mind thoroughly bended about how I was supposed to play Showgirls we commenced setup. We pulled Ancient Ruins with some Arcane Apparatuses , doing corner deployment. We both got different things to do, I got Reconnoitre and forkbanger got Slaughter, I probably should have reflipped my Strategy but I have no idea what I’m doing so I didn’t. forkbanger announced he was going to be Assassinating and Bodyguarding whilst I went for Power Ritual and a hidden Sabotage. Now due to the nature of my faction the maps are almost impossible to decipher, more like arcane runes than an actual map. But they should hopefully give an idea for the layout, the movement arrows are a little misleading as there was a lot of teleporting going on.

Here’s the forces we chose for this clash of the titans


Madame Sybelle
Rotten Belle
Rotten Belle
Rotten Belle


Colette Du Bois
Performer & Mannequin
Performer & Mannequin
Mechanical Dove

These were the highly strategic choices of the model we have.


My plan was simple, push Cassandra around the board to complete the Ritual whilst trying to pin the Zombie Hookers down in one quarter.

Turn 1 : The Zombies won the Initiative and shuffled forwards tentatively, everything was out of range really. Cassandra made a dash for the opposite corner and thanks to Nimble and Confident was able to complete the Power Ritual there. Madame Sybelle move forwards more confidently. I companioned my faction and moved forwards, reactivating Colette in the process.  Seeing an opportunity I used my reactivation to Illusionist Colette with the Performer and cast Disappearing Act on Madame Sybelle to Bury her. Bringing her back in combat with a Mannequin and a Summoned Mechanical Dove. My remaining Performer did the Power Ritual and dragged her Mannequin forwards. So far so good.

Turn 2 – I won Initiative and decided to try to beat the grotesque madame to death but she was having none of it, doing a paltry 3 wounds to her. She was much more convincing with a Flurry taking 4 wounds and inflicting Rough Trade on Colette before I could Blinding Flash and switch with my Performer again, who promptly poisoned Sybelle. The Zombies danced around luring themselves closer to the action with Seamus moving to the melee in the middle to help out poor Sybelle. Cassandra continued to head for the back corner and my Performer dragged her Mannequin forwards more towards the last corner.

Turn 3 – The Zombies won the Initiative and Sybelle tried to beat her way out of trouble but after sacrificing the Mechanical Dove to aid the Performers defence she only ended up doing 2 wounds, The Performer flailed haplessly against the undead dominatrix but then the Mannequins clothes proved so beautiful that it exploded taking Sybelle with her. Seamus, displeased by this course of action slit my Performers jugular before Arising his new redeaded Sybelle back as a Belle. Colette tottered forwards healing herself on the way trying to work out what trouble she could get into next. Cassandra scooted down, and Sabotaged the building successfully. My solo performer did the final Power Ritual but then got lured away by some Zombie hookers, much to her Mannequins distress. Using the Dove to Magicians Duel the Zombies lightly.

Turn 4 – The Rotten Belle fighting my Performer proves to have devilishly sharp claws and teeth, killing her. Seamus decides he’s had about enough of the Showgirl fancy breathing ways and tires to make them all die. Arising my performer as a Rotten Belle and moving towards Colette who had been lured closer. Luckily it wasn’t Colette it was just a Mannequin who wanders into melee with Seamus and pins him there. Colette and the Mechanical Dove finish off a Rotten Belle bringing the Soul Stone Kill Points to  10 vs 12, I’ll need to kill something else here. Colette uses Disappearing Act on two of the Belles and scoots away to hide them behind some terrain at the end of the turn. Cassandra completes the last act of the Power Ritual and scoots in to get her stab on.

Turn 5 – The Zombies go first and start by beating up Colette again, shaving a couple of wounds off her. Cassandra loves to stab and charges in doing some decent damage to a Rotten Belle who gets finished off by my Beautiful Clothes being Full of Pins. Seamus misses his trigger and fails to just murder Cassandra, instead making her insignificant. After some epic Willpower Resists Colette doesn’t get lured into a Zombie death trap.

Turn 6 – There’s no map for Turn 6 and not a lot happened, I ran away and avoided getting murdered. Colette was lured in close and almost killed but I burned though my last few Soul Stones to avoid it. The game ended and Cassandra used her Grande Finale to move closer to Colette in the hope of not dying to Semuses trigger. Saldy she did anyway, giving forkbanger 21 SS to 14 for slaughter.

Totting up the points I had 2 for Power Ritual and 1 for Sabotage, getting none for Reconnoitre. Forbanger got 2 for Bodyguard and none for Assassination but 2 for his Slaughter Scheme giving him 4 total. The End result, Arcanists 3 – Resurrectionists 4. Boo.

In the end it went a lot better than my first game but I still don’t quite have the hang of how to play Showgirls, or Malifaux for that matter. I think I would have done a lot better if I had reflipped my Strategy and had gotten something useful out of it. I think the best thing we did was not having any glaring rules errors this time, hopefully.