Some time ago Argentbadger suggested having a go at Malifaux as a bit of a change from our usual games, something a bit smaller and more skirmish based. So myself,  , Argentbadger and Justin have decided to give it a go, each picking up one of the starter boxes and some rules. None of us have any idea what we’re doing so we’ve gone for essentially blind choices based on what looks cool.

Argentbadger has gone for the Witchhunters after much indecision,

She seems to be a crazy lady with a sword who loves to stab, but more than that loves to burn witches. They do say she just only goes after unsanctioned witches so presumably the best defence against her is a high level in bureaucracy to ensure all your paperwork is in order. I think that might just be a cover story though to hide the fact she just loves to stab.

 has gone for The Red Chapel Gang

I assume this is because of his love of dead hookers. They are led by a man with an outrageous hat and a hand cannon who is presumably a pimp. I have no idea what use dead hookers are in a fight but I do not want to know what kind of services this woman provides

That does look like a golf club she is carrying, I’m not sure what to make of that.

Justin has chosen to go for the Miners and Steamfitters Union

These guys seem to be crazy steampunk engineers who take enforcing Union rules very very seriously. I don’t remember seeing a union before who had an ‘Executioner Class’  Union official. I assume they are in charge or making sure people vote the right way?

I’ve gone for the Showgirls

The models look quite entertaining, and I like the mannequin models. One of the Showgirls does have a massive sword which must be part of her act or something, but I think she also loves to stab. I have absolutely no idea how a bunch of Showgirls are supposed to fight a giant mechanical Union Rep or zombie hookers and I suspect those walking mannequins are probably magical in some way and without a permit. After doing a little reading online I have discovered Colette is one of the hard Masters to play and one with the most rules, go me. Also one of the most annoying to play against, so swings and roundabouts. All that matters is that I have a jaunty hat and no one else has a jaunty hat, thus my faction is the best.