With the Bretonnian army sitting in Malko unmolested for some time now the mighty forces of the Empire decided that this was an intolerable situation and set out to molest them, most vigorously under Furycat’s command. Luckly the Bretonnian army had not just be 24/7 partying and had remembered to fortity the castle against unwanted advances, the sallied forth (perhaps unwise from a fortified position but that’s just how they roll) to meet the Empire on the plains of battle.

The Empire Forces (2200 points)

Arch Lector of Sigmar
+ Armour of Meteoric Iron
+ Dawnstone
+ Other Tricksters Shard

Wizard Lord
+ Rod of Power
+ Lore of Life

Captain of the Empire
+ Battle Standard Beaerer
+ Biting Blade
+ Talisman of Preservation

Battle Wizard
+ Dispel Scroll
+ Lore of Shadows

29 Swordsmen
+ Full Command

5 Archers (Detachemnt)

29 Swordsmen
+ Full Command

5 Archers (Detachemnt)

50 Halberdiers
+ Full Command

12 Handgunners
+ Marksman with Hochland Long Rifle

12 Handgunners
+ Marksman with Hochland Long Rifle

Great Cannon

Great Cannon

Great Cannon

Hellblaster Volley Gun

The Muster of Bretonnia (2600 points)

The Fey Enchantress (Lore of Metal)

+ Dispel Scroll
+ Lore of Beasts (level 2)

+ Prayer Icon of Quenelles
+ Lore of Beasts (level 1)

+ Battle Standard Bearer
+ Virtue of Empathy
+ Dragon Helm

12 Knights of the Realm
+ Full Command
+ War Banner

58 Men at Arms
+ Full Command

5 Mounted Yeomen
+ Warden
+ Shields

3 Pegasus Knights

9 Questing Knights
+ Full Command

8 Grail Knights
+ Full Command
+ Rangers Standard

Field Trebuchet

Field Trebuchet

The battle was a Meeting Engagement with only the Mounted Yeomen deciding they had something better to do than turn up. The Arch Lector was clearly busy converting some unbelievers and lost track of time along with a unit of hand gunners.

We rolled on the death scenery chart to see what would be our undoing today, we got a Settlement of Order featuring an Acropolis of Heroes, an Altar of Khaine, A regular building (A rarity in the old world apparently), Some Blessed Bulwarks, an Anvil of Vaul, a Sphinx, some Arcane Ruins and shockingly another regular building.

With the Fey Enchantress leading the Bretonnians to glory they took the first turn for the first time.


The Empire deploying their guns on the hill, screening them with the Halberdiers and Swordsmen, the Bretonnian Army getting as close as they can eager to get into a fight.

Bretonnian Turn 1

The Questing Knights decide to get their stab on Early, charging headlong into some hapless Archers, the rest of the Bretonnian army taking an altogether more measured approach and moving forwards slowly. The magic phase sees The Fey trying to turn some Swordmen into nice ornamental gold statues but in a display of unsporting behaviour the Empire wizard dispels it, she has to make do with Glittering Robe on the Knights of the Realm instead. Treacherous Trebuchet 1 decides it’s all too much and ends itself,  presumably trying to fire parts of itself at the enemy or something. Trebuchet 2 shows much more promise squashing 10 Swordsmen from S2 into a fine meat paste. In combat the Questing Knights make short work of the archer screen and barrel through into the Swordsmen behind them.

Empire Turn 1

The Empire take an altogether more cautious approach, move the Arch Lector on to annoy the flanking Pegasus Knights and move the Archer screen up to redirect charges. The Magic Phase is an uneventful (3,1) with the Battle Wizard meddling with powers beyond his control to channel a couple more dice. Mystifying Miasma gets dispelled as is a Flesh to Stone and Banishment, the Fey Enchantress making her presence felt.  The Hellblaster unloads, attempting to ventilate some poor Knights of the Realm but jams on the second barrel, inflict 10 hits but only felling a single noble warrior. The Great Cannons do a bit better between them and hand gunners 4 Grail Knights die and 2 more Knights of the Realm. In combat the surprised Swordsmen fail to stabberate anyone and get 5 of them perished in return but they’re Steadfast.

Bretonnian Turn 2

The Mounted Yeomen move forwards to see if they can do anything to the Arch Lector (hint: They can’t), The Men at Arms can see a fight which will favour them and charge the Archers who hold. The Knights of the Realm possibly weighed down by all the extra cannonballs and lead shot they’ve acquired fail to charge the Hellblaster. The Pegasus Knights not wanting to get shot get their stab on against the Handgunners that just arrived.  The Magic Phase (5,1) is uneventful with only a Wyssans Wild Form on the Knights of the Realm squeezing through. The Trebuchet shows it’s class by firing wildly and squashing a few more Swordsmen.  In combat the Questing Knights hack down a few more Swordsmen and lose one of their own in return but the Swordsmen remain steadfast. The Men at Arms, bouyed by outnumber their opponents over 10 to one beat the hapless Archers to death an reform. The Pegasus Knights stab a few ignoble handgunners and pursue them off the board.

Empire Turn 2

The Arch Lector decides to get his crazy on by trying to beat some Mounted Yeomen to death who decide to runaway, the rest of the Empire army jostles for position, the BSB abandoning his Swordsmen buddies before yet another rock lands on them. The Magic Phase is low (4,2) which results is everything either failing or getting dispelled, masters of magic. The Hellblaster is busy clearing it’s jam so the cannons got to work, killing 1 Knight of the Realm, doing 2 wounds to the Trebuchet and missing entirely. Combat goes the way of the Questing Knights again, kill 4 more Swordsmen but they hold fast.

Bretonnian Turn 3

As you can see this is where the game went a bit wrong. The Knights of the Realm charged the depleted Swordsmen, the Mounted Yeomen bravely flee the table and the Fey Enchantress hides behind a build from cannonballs. The Men at Arms just marching forwards amid the confusion. The Pegasus Knights remember theres a battle going on and creep back onto the board. The Magic Phase is very low (2,1) but the Fey Enchantress manages to push an Enchanted Blades of Ablian onto the Knights of the Realm. The Trebuchet feeling cocky lands a rock on the Hellblaster Volley gun, killing it. In combat the Knights of the Realm kill a single Swordsmen which proves to be the straw which broke the camels back and makes them flee, the Knights of the Realm pursuing them off the board. The Questing Knights finally break the other Swordsmen and they flee the table. The Knights of the Realm contact the Battle Wizard.

Empire Turn 3

The Arch Lector, feeling good about running off the Yeomen pushes roud the side with the Halberdiers in support. The Magic Phase (5,2) sees the Halberdiers get Flesh to stone but everything else failed or dispelled. The cannons blast a few shots into the poor Pegasus Knights, denying the Power of Friendship, a couple of Questing Knight meet their untimely demise as well. The Knight of the Realm overrun the Battle Wizard and leave the table as well.

Bretonnian Turn 4

The Pegasus Knights and Men at Arms get very excited and both charge the Handgunners. The Damsel moves up to try to redirect as the Fey cowers from cannon fire. The impending Arch Lector obviously throws the Enchantress off her game failing to cast anything at all. Remarkably the Men at Arms and Pegasus Knights fail to kill all the Handgunner but do break them, the Pegasus Knights failing to restrain and perusing them off the board again. The Men at Arms following up into a cannon (As my map doesn’t show so you’ll have to use your imagination)

Empire Turn 4

The Arch Lector goes for it, squeezing past my Damsel and rear charging my Grail Knights. With the Halberdiers reforming to face where my Army will be returning from shortly. The Battle Wizards ghostly apparition floats about my map to confuse people. In the Magic Phase the cannon the Men at Arms are fighting (use your imagination) gets Flesh to Stone, Shield of Thorns and Pha’s Protection cast on it, not that it save it from being destroyed and my Men at Arms running off the table. In combat a Grail Knight fights a challenge with the Arch Lector which amounts to nothing but the Lector wins through static combat resolution and the Grail Knights bravely flee, getting an inch further than the Arch Lector.

Bretonnian Turn 5

The Bretonnian Army shows up again but just kinda potters about unsure what to do. The Fey whips her bodyguard into shape in short order. The Damsel tries a hopeful Curse of Aniheir on the Halberdiers but it’s dispelled. The Trebuchet content that it’s work for the day is done fires rocks over the battlefield wildly missing everything.

Empire Turn 5

The Arch Lector decides he can have her unicorn (sadly not Unicron) riding ass and charges in again, the Halberdiers presumably bored of just wheeling around in midfield try to charge but realise they’re heart really isn’t into this endless conflict and try to give peace a chance. The Wizard Lord masters magic and Flesh to Stones the Halberdiers again but nothing else of note. The cannons show their displeasure at the Men at Arms and blow a few to bits.  In Combat the Arch Lector defeats the Grail Knight in the Challenge and break them again, running the Fey Enchantress down this time. Oops.

Bretonnian Turn 6

With their General dead the Bretonnian army goes for damage limitation milling around slightly aimlessly just trying to avoid being exploded. The Magic Phase produces nothing that isn’t easily dispelled by the Wizard Lord with the Arch Lectors support. The Trebuchet continues to fire to victory rocks into the sky.

Empire Turn 6

Despite what the map shows the Halberdiers can’t get the angle on the Men at Arms so nothing much happens. The Wizard Lord goes for a last ditch Dwellers but has it scrolled. The Cannons blow apart another Pegasus but don’t destroy anyone.

Final Scores, it comes down to Victory Points to determine the winner, after armies are counted, banners and generals weighed up it turns out Bretonnia 1344 vs Empire 1304 so a draw. The Empire are repulsed from Malko in a pyrrhic victory of sorts for the Bretonnians.

The Final result was not great for me, getting my General and Bodyguard run down by the Arch Lector cost me 1049 Victory Points , if only I had moved my Damsel into position correctly. I think what I need to take from this is that I need to be aware more of Victory Points and not have units of such high value in play at all.