So I want to play a pure Inquisition force, none of these Grey Knights messing up my theme, but I realise I need some long range fire support. So I need some Dreadnoughts, that said I do not want the Space Marine Dreadnoughts, I want stompy robots with giant Autocannons, ones big enough that men could pilot them.

In steps Dust Tactics and the Panzer Walker variant.

The model comes prebuilt with 6 different arms, 3 for each side, here it has the Autocannons. It also has Rocket Pod arms, a Claw arm (DCCW) and a Heavy machine gun (Assault Cannon)

Rocket Pods

I blame Forkbangers dodgy photography for the graininess.

Now don’t get me wrong, this thing is big, very big but it fit the scale correctly as it looks like it could be piloted unlike a Dreadnought.

That’s it side by side with Forkbangers WIP dreadnought.
It’s obviously a lot taller than a Dread, about the same width on a slightly bigger base, and depending what my opponent wants play it as is as it doesn’t really advantage me or same size as a regular dread. I really like the model as the guns look suitably heavy for a S8 Autocannons and it looks like something the Imperium could make. I’m just adding some inquisition logos to it and then to base coat it. It’s going to be a bold experiment at trying to paint yellow over black for black and yellow warning strips.