When we accepted your advances as allying against the beasts of the forests we did so as men of honour and we expected the same from you. Having taken the field with you we can see you for what you are. Dogs of men, not worthy of the peasantry of the fine land of Bretonnia. You do us a disservice with your lack of honour, you disgrace us with our association with your cowardly tactics. You call yourself men? A real man of honour leads from the front, leading the lance tip into the heart of the foe driving them from the field like chaff, not lolly-gagging around with your devil’s black powered weapons.

Our Lady has spoken to me and she cannot countenance our alliance any longer, it disgraces the memory of our forefathers.  But I am an honourable man and I shall accept your withdrawal from the Old Silk Road unmolested as acceptance of your need to correct your ways. Failure to do so will be a clear incitement to war and we shall have no hesitation in putting your to the sword and lance.

Our Lady guides our hand, we cannot be defeated with her blessing.

Lord Guillaume L’Echec