We’re about to start our Border Princes Campaign and the chosen points value is 1600 pts. So myself and Steve decided to try to see what would fit into such a points value. I went with my trusty Bretonnians relaying very much on heavy horse to get the work done. Steve was persuaded to try using a High Elf Dragon Mage by Furycat so this would be a very interesting game.

I decided to run out with

Prophetess (Level 4 Life, Warhorse, Silver Mirror, 4+ Ward Save)

Damsel (Level 2 Life, Warhorse, Power Scroll (I know I know i’m going to hell))

Paladin (Warhorse, BSB, Dragonhelm)

9 Knights of the Realm (Full Command, Banner of Chalons)

9 Knights of the Realm (Full Command, Banner of Swiftness)

3 Pegasus Knights

6 Questing Knights (Full Command)

2 Field Trebuchets

Steve was slightly hamstrung by the inclusion of the Dragon he had something along the lines of

Arch Mage (Level 3 Fire)

Dragon Mage (Level 2 Fire)

20 Seaguard (Full Command)

20 Seaguard (Full Command)

15 Phoenix Guard (Full Command)

15 Swordmasters (Full Command, Ruby Ring of Ruin)

So the battle was set, we were to have a meeting engagement. High Elves won the roll off and deployed first. The terrain was sparse, a few buildings to the south, an Idol of Gork in the centre, a Sphinx off to the south-east and north-east a Mysterious Forest. Lastly an Arcane Ruin in the North west. Only one unit choose not to turn up and that was Steve Seaguard, they would be held in reserve.


High Elves turn 1 was fairly uneventful with the Dragon circling round to the north whislt the Seaguard wandered on from reserves. The magic phase was even less eventful with a low roll meaning nothing much happened.

High Elf Turn 1

Bretonnian Turn 1, Throwing caution to the wind as is the Bretonnian way it was charing forwards and trusting in Our Lady for protection. The Questing Knight crashed into the Dragon Mage whilst one set of Knights of the Realm tried their luck at breaking the Phoenix Guard. Everything else just marching closer. In the Magic Phase the Damsel bolstered her knights with Flesh to Stone, toughness 5 Knights in heavy armour are hard to deal with.  My trust peasants paid for themselves landing some rocks on the Seaguard, I shall not have to beat them quite as much when we get back to the castle. The Questing Knights did surprisingly well, killing the Mage outright and driving the Dragon off the board, pursuing off the board themselves. the Phoenix Guard were similarly put to the lance overrun to the lamentation of their womenfolks.

Bretonnian Turn 1

High Elf Turn 2, Having lost both his Mages things were looking grim for the High Elves. The Seaguard charged the Knights who had so efficiently dispatched the Phoenix Guard. The Swordmasters tasked themselves with going for the other Knights of the Realm, containing my Prophetess and BSB. With both his Mages expired the magic phase was brief, and everything in combat so was the Shooting. In combat the Seaguard took their vengeance on the Knights, the combined flank charges not killing many but breaking them and forcing them to flee, they choose to reform to face the oncoming Pegasus Knights and Questing Knights. The Swordmasters made short work of a few of the Knights but we bravely (foolishly?) Held our ground.

High Elves Turn 2

Bretonnians Turn 2, The Swordmasters are making very sort work of my Knights but nothing can save them now save for some divine providence. The Pegasus Knight charge the Seaguard closest to them, into the teeth of their spears. My Knights manage to rally themselves and reform back into the battle. The Magic Phase is weak again, my Prophetess failing to regrowth her unit. My peasants may escape a beating entirely, landing some rocks on the Seaguard again forcing them to panic. In combat the other Seaguard are broken by the Pegasus Knights and rundown the like dogs they are. The Swordmasters reduce my other Knights to nothing, only the Prophetess and BSB remaining to continue the fight.

Bretonnian Turn 2

High Elf Turn 3. Things are desperate now, the Seaguard manage to rally and angle towards the Knight-park I’ve managed to create. With little else to do the Swordmasters dispatch my noble heroes and make way towards their next victims.

Bretonnian Turn 3, The Swordmasters are becoming an issue so I decide to deploy my tactical nuke for such situations. My damsel breaks from her unit and heads to open ground as the rest o my army repositions itself. In the magic phase predictably the Damsel opens up with her power scroll casting Dwellers from below on the Swordmasters, sucking half the unit into the ground in the process.

High Elves turn 4, they’re fighting for pride now and move for some last-ditch attacks, the Seaguard charging my Damsel and the Swordmasters charging the Questing Knights. The Seaguard cruelly hacked the Damsel down with ease and overran into the Knights of the Realm. The Swordmasters continued their display and dispatched with the Questing Knights forcing them to flee from the table.

 Bretonnian Turn 4, The Swordmasters were becoming more than a nuisance, did they not know that the Horse and the Lance are the only true ways to go into war? Felling such mighty warriors on foot is just unseemly. The Pegasus Knights charged in to assist my beleaguered Knights of the Realm, into the rear of the Seaguard. Once again though it was my peasants that shone, landing with pin point accuracy on the Swordmasters reducing them to just the Champion. The last remain Seaguard were chased down by the Pegasus Knights.

There was one more turn where the sole remaining Swordmaster was crushed under a falling rock after toasting from crew with the Ring of Ruin.

Victory for Bretonnia!  The mission helped me a lot in this game, we started close together but with my War Machines miles away at the back of the board. Steve was also fairly unlucky it has to be said, having the Phoenix Guard driven off by my Knights turn 1 was not in his game plan I don’t think. The Dragon will only be coming out in much higher point games as well. From my perspective everything went as planned, Charge, Overrun, Repeat.